About Us

DFB GYPSUM Industries is the leading manufacturer of Gypsum Powder and Gypsum Board range of products and is the pioneer in embarking upon this venture in Pakistan. The manufacturing facility with an area of more than 215,000 square feet with well equipped state of art fully automated Gypsum processing and calcinations production line, Gypsum Board production line having production capacity of 5 million m2/ annum, and Gypsum Ceiling Tiles manufacturing machineries, coupled with concrete resource support and supervision by highly qualified and experienced foreign engineers backed by a well trained and dedicated work force for continuous quality control monitoring. Its strategic investment in technology over the last decade has allowed to continually introducing innovative and modern building products with the promise of Strength, Speed and Safety!

We specialize in manufacturing and supplying Gypsum based products to the building construction sector, which are being marketed under DFB GYPSUM® brand. Our product range includes Plaster of Pairs, Gypsum Board, Gypsum Ceiling Tiles, Ceiling suspension system and Drywall accessories. They are the product of an advanced technology which has attained the much-desired excellence under strict quality control system. We use international quality management system of ISO 9001-2008 to manage our production; this begins with a production process using excellent raw materials combined with latest contemporary technology to provide high quality products that comply with ASTM standards.

Widely recognized from The DFB GYPSUM® brand, DFB Gypsum Industries has gained the confidence and trust from the market due to the consistency and quality of its products and its focus on continuous improvement. It has also managed to make its position in the market among the prominent names of the Gypsum Industry. After successfully catering to the Pakistan’s market, DFB has widened its horizons in the international arena, with consistent exports to: Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Middle East, South Africa & East Africa. DFB GYPSUM® has been declared as the winner of "Brands of the Year Award" won "The Best Export Performance Award" and also been recognized for "The Export Excellence Trophy Award" for 2013 by Honorable Prime Minster of Pakistan.